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What is Optimy CSR about?

A global community & resource hub for modern CSR leaders

This community is an online space for CSR professionals to connect and learn from each other. We aim to produce helpful content, get insights from top experts and build a network of professionals who want to amplify their social impact.

 What does the community include? 

Our 3 main pillars


Optimy Wiki
Educational content around grants, sponsorship, volunteering, donations and many other topics within the social impact area.

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Optimy Podcast
Behind the scene with top CSR experts to understand how they operate: their goals, activities and challenges.

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CSR Newsletter
A monthly content digest about the top discussions from our community, tools and latest trends in the CSR industry.

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 What our members are saying  

 2200+ CSR professionals from all around the world 

Our members include leaders from fast-growing companies like:


 CSR Podcast Speakers 


Chris Jarvis - Realized Worth


A. Gamson - SocialStarters


Jerome Tenille - Marriott International

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