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Measuring vs Reporting on Social Impact: The Secret to Telling Engaging Stories 

Learn how streamlining your impact reporting processes can help you tell more engaging impact stories.

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How sports and cultural sponsorships have evolved since the pandemic

Learn about the evolution of sports and cultural interests since 2019, and their impact on corporate sponsorship activities.

Why is Optimy the ideal choice for your Sponsorship Management initiatives? 




Optimy is ideal for corporate sponsorship management because it combines ease of use with best-in-class configurability. Here are some of the features of the Optimy platform:

  • Automated workflows
  • Centralized Data
  • Smart, branded Forms
  • Automatic filtering and scoring
  • Form access rights
  • Budget Management
  • Real-time reporting.
  • ISO27001 Certification & GDPR compliance.
  • Expert support team of CSR experts.
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350 +

Happy Customers Worlwide

30 +



Social Impact projects managed

22 +

languages supported

Explore Our Sponsorship Management Resources

Dive deep into the world of sponsorship management with our collection of insightful blog posts and informative videos. Learn best practices, tips, and how Optimy streamlines the Sponsorship management process for organizations worldwide.

What are the benefits of sponsorship marketing?

Discover how integrating sponsorship management and marketing can elevate brand awareness, audience connection, and overall business achievements. 

Video: Unlocking success in sponsorship: why your organization needs Optimy's software

View the key features that set Optimy apart, including streamlined project management, advanced analytics for data-driven decisions, and enhanced communication capabilities. 


Why do you need a sponsorship strategy?

This post highlights how such a sponsorship strategy aligns with marketing goals, optimizes investment returns, and cultivates impactful relationships. 

The ultimate sponsorship checklist

This comprehensive checklist covers essential steps for planning, executing, and evaluating sponsorships, emphasizing the importance of alignment with brand values, audience engagement, and measurable outcomes. This guide is designed to help you maximize the ROI of your sponsorship initiatives.

Discover our customers' success stories

“We use Optimy for one-off calls for projects as well as for recurring support requests.Customer service is very attentive to needs and desired solutions.”

Martine B.

Communication Manager

“We found a way to channel all inquiries through one input. We were also able to implement internal specifications with the help of the tool. Furthermore, contact data (addresses, email, telephone) are now stored in a reasonable quality. The digitization of many processes means that postage for letters is no longer necessary and printouts are a thing of the past. ”

Roy H

Sponsoring Manager

“The system is very user friendly and has helped us to streamline our grant management processes. The solution offered everything we were looking for.”

Hayley S.

Commonwealth Office Manager

“Easy to use once configured. The Optimy team is always very available, it follows the customer step by step in order to explain any kind of manipulation.”

Enrica B.

Project Manager

“The software is easy to use for both administrators and end users. It was quick to get started. Today the system works well. Optimy is used at the University of Lausanne to evaluate the ethical aspects of research projects. It is used by 8 different commissions (at central and faculty level). The system works well and meets expectations.”

Pablo D.


“Best Solution for all type of companies: 1) Its modular 2) Good cost benefits 3) User friendly templates 4) So many functionalities in consequence of different benchmarks. They develop the software according to different companies needs and then offer the updates to all clients.

Danyel B.

Business Director
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